Places of Interest


A quaint fishing village atmosphere, located in the Castillo San Carlos de Borromeo. This castle was one of the most important defenses against the pirates. Near the castle is the church of the Holy Christ of the Good Journey. The Church of Cristo del Buen Viaje is named after the miraculous image of the fishermen. It was completed in 1748, under Don Antonio de la Espada. In this church remains the animated picture of the painter Juan Pedro Lopez. This church is a crucifix on the altar, which says that a boat was impossible to anchor in the bay until it gave the crucifix as a gift. Not far from the beach of the fishermen is the Jester Cave, an underwater cave.


This city, considered the island's commercial capital, was founded in 1536 with the name of Puerto de la Mar, which became over time in Porlamar. In this city are the most famous avenues, its elegant shops and nightlife: Santiago Mariño and 4 de Mayo. To the east, there is now broad modern avenues and residential areas. The center of the city is characterized by its narrow streets filled with shops on both sides. There they get the best prices.


Juan Griego

Famous Bay for its beautiful sunsets and twilights, was founded in 1804 and currently is located in the municipality Marcano. It is the second town center in Nueva Esparta State hierarchy and in addition to administrative functions, is also presented as a core role in supporting Porlamar in business, financial and other services.



Virgen del Valle

Founded in 1529, located on the slopes of Cerro Copey (La Sierra) is one of the most traditional villages of Nueva Esparta State and shares a good climate with St. John the Baptist Parish. It has a mountain vegetation, mixed with an unprecedented Margariteña preserved culture, full of colonial houses and museums everywhere. El Valle, as is known, with the Basilica of Our Lady of the Valley which is the most famous Margarita, besides being a religious icon in the region, built on behalf of the patron saint of Nueva Esparta, the Virgin of Valle. That and other things, visit the Basilica is a fixed point of arrival for tourists and of great historical importance for its museums.

Santa Ana

The city's main tourist attraction is the church of Santa Ana, a structure built in Margarita, along with other churches and important populations of Margarita from the seventeenth and eighteenth century, this church was made with the cooperation of Margarita and Spanish in an act Catholicism and friendship together.